JSON to YAML Converter

Efficiently convert JSON to YAML with the JSON to YAML Converter. Input your JSON file or JSON source to receive the corresponding YAML output.


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About JSON to YAML Converter

The JSON to YAML Converter (aka JSON to YML Converter) is a handy web tool in our converters family, that facilitates the conversion of JSON format to YAML. Its primary aim is to offer a user-friendly platform for seamlessly transforming JSON data into YAML, providing convenience and effectiveness to users dealing with YAML-based systems.


  • Convenient Conversion: Easily convert JSON data into YAML with minimal effort.
  • File Upload: Upload JSON files directly for swift conversion to YAML format.
  • JSON Source Input: Enter JSON data directly into the tool for a seamless conversion process.
  • Output YAML: Obtain the YAML output instantly once the conversion is completed.

How to Use JSON to YAML Converter

  1. Input Method: Choose between uploading a JSON file or directly inputting the JSON source into the provided fields.
  2. Retrieve YAML Output: Once the conversion is finished, the converted YAML will be displayed, ready for use.

Example Usage

  • File Conversion: Users might convert a JSON data file into YAML to facilitate compatibility with YAML-based systems or configurations.
  • Integration with YAML Systems: Developers could utilize the tool to convert JSON data obtained from applications into YAML for seamless integration with YAML-based systems.


  1. How do I convert JSON to YAML using the tool?

    Simply upload your JSON file or input the JSON source, then click on “Convert”. The resulting YAML output will be displayed.

  2. Are there any limitations on the JSON file size that can be uploaded?

    The tool has limitation of 10MB on the file size that can be uploaded.

  3. What library is used for the conversion process?

    The tool utilizes the yaml library available at npmjs and json5 to perform the JSON to YAML conversion.