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Create unique and visually appealing ASCII text art with our Text Art Generator. Customize settings to generate stunning text art.


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About ASCII Text Art Generator

The ASCII Text Art Generator is a user-friendly tool in our generators family, that allows users to transform regular text into visually captivating ASCII art. By inputting text and selecting font styles, users can easily create customized text art for various purposes, such as social media posts, digital artwork, or simply for personal enjoyment. This tool caters to individuals seeking to add a creative touch to their written content.


The key features of the ASCII Text Art Generator include:

  • Customizable Text Art: Users can input their desired text and select from a variety of font families to generate unique ASCII text art.
  • Font Family Options: The tool provides a selection of font families to choose from, allowing users to explore different styles and aesthetics for their text art.
  • Output Width Control: Users can specify the width of the output, enabling them to adjust the formatting of their text art based on specific display requirements.
  • Preview Font Size: The preview font size feature allows users to visualize how their text art will appear before generating the final output, ensuring a satisfactory result.

How to Use ASCII Text Art Generator

To utilize the ASCII Text Art Generator, follow these simple steps:

  1. Input Text: Enter the desired text in the “Input Text” field. This could be a phrase, quote, or any text you want to transform into ASCII art.
  2. Select Font Family: Choose from the available font families to determine the style of the ASCII art.
  3. Adjust Output Width: Customize the output width to control the formatting and appearance of the generated text art.
  4. Preview Font Size: Set the preview font size to visualize the text art before finalizing the output.
  5. Generate Samples: Use the “Generate Samples” button to preview multiple sample fonts based on your input text.
  6. Number of Sample Fonts: Adjust the range slider to specify the number of sample fonts to be generated.

Tips for Optimal Use

  • Experiment with different font families and output widths to explore diverse visual representations of your text.
  • Consider using shorter phrases or words to ensure clarity and visual impact in the generated text art.
  • Utilize the preview font size feature to fine-tune the appearance of the text art before generating the final output.

Example Usage

  • Social Media Posts: Create eye-catching ASCII text art to complement your social media posts and captivate your audience.
  • Artistic Creations: Use the tool to add an artistic touch to digital artwork, posters, or digital designs.
  • Personalization: Customize text art for personal use, such as unique email signatures, digital greetings, or decorative text for personal projects.


  1. How can I use the generated ASCII text art?

    You can use the generated ASCII text art for various purposes, including social media posts, digital designs, personal projects, or as part of artistic compositions.

  2. What font families are available for selection in the tool?

    The tool offers a diverse range of font families to choose from, including decorative, classic, and experimental styles, allowing users to explore different visual representations of their text.

  3. Can I customize the output width of the generated text art?

    Yes, you can specify the output width to control the formatting and appearance of the generated text art based on your specific requirements.

  4. What is the technology used in the tool?

    The ASCII Text Art Generator utilizes the Figlet library, a popular npm package that provides functionality for creating ASCII art from text input.

    For further information on the Figlet library and its usage, you can refer to the Figlet npm package documentation.

    By leveraging the ASCII Text Art Generator, users can easily transform plain text into visually appealing ASCII art, catering to a wide array of creative and expressive endeavors. Whether for personal or professional use, this tool provides an engaging and customizable experience for anyone seeking to elevate their textual content with captivating visual representations.