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Generate MAC addresses easily with the MAC Address Generator. Customize the number of items, prefix, and separator to get the addresses you need. Copy and download the generated addresses effortlessly.


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About MAC Address Generator

The MAC Address Generator is a web tool is in our generators family that allows users to create MAC addresses with specific configurations. It is designed to simplify the process of generating MAC addresses for various purposes, such as testing, networking, or device identification.


  • Customizable Number of Items: Generate anywhere from 1 to 100 MAC addresses in one go.
  • Prefix Customization: Input a prefix such as “32:92:d4” to be included in the generated MAC addresses.
  • Flexible Separator Options: Choose from different separators like “:”, “-“, or “,” to format the MAC addresses as per your requirements.
  • Refresh Button: Easily generate new MAC addresses with the click of a button.
  • Copy and Download: Copy the generated MAC addresses or download them for immediate use.

How to Use MAC Address Generator

  1. Input the desired number of items (between 1 and 100).
  2. Enter the prefix you want to include in the MAC addresses.
  3. Choose a separator from the options available.
  4. Click the Refresh button to generate new MAC addresses based on the provided settings.
  5. Copy or download the generated addresses as needed.
  6. The tool will automatically process any changes made to the settings, streamlining the process of obtaining the required MAC addresses.

Example Usage

  • Testing network configurations by generating multiple MAC addresses with a specific prefix and separator.
  • Creating a batch of unique device identifiers for development or testing purposes.


  1. How many MAC addresses can I generate at once?

    You can generate anywhere from 1 to 100 MAC addresses in a single operation.

  2. Can I customize the prefix for the generated MAC addresses?

    Yes, you can input your preferred prefix to be included in the generated MAC addresses.

  3. What separators can I use for formatting the MAC addresses?

    You can choose from the following separators: “:”, “-“, or “,” to format the MAC addresses according to your requirements.

  4. Are there any articles related to MAC addresses and their usage?

    Yes, you can explore informative articles on MAC addresses and their applications at