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Calculate the Estimated Finish Time and Total Duration with the ETA Calculator. Easily plan your tasks, exclude weekends, and calculate buffer time.


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About ETA Calculator

The ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) Calculator is a web tool in our calculators family designed to provide users with a quick and efficient way to estimate the completion time of a task or project. By inputting specific parameters such as start time, total units, duration for each unit, break time, buffer time percentage, and work schedule preferences, users can gain valuable insights into their project timeline.


The Calculator comes equipped with several key features and unique functionalities:

  1. Customizable Input Fields: Users can input start time, total units, duration for each unit, break time, buffer time percentage, and specify work hours and weekends exclusion to tailor the calculation according to their specific project requirements.
  2. Precise Estimations: The tool provides precise estimations for the estimated finish time and total duration, enabling users to plan their tasks effectively.
  3. Incorporation of Working Hours and Weekends Exclusion: Users have the option to incorporate only working hours and exclude weekends from the calculations, allowing for more accurate timeline projections.
  4. Efficient Buffer Time Calculation: The inclusion of buffer time percentage helps users accommodate potential delays or unforeseen circumstances within the project timeline.

How to Use ETA Calculator

To use the Calculator effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Input Fields: Fill in the following input fields:
    • Start Time
    • Total Units
    • A Unit Finished Every (select millisecond, second, minute, etc.)
    • Break Time
    • Buffer Time %
    • Check Working Hours Only if needed
    • Check Exclude Weekends if needed
  2. Calculate: The tool will calculate Estimated Finish Time and Total Duration automatically.
  3. Tips for Optimal Usage:
    • Utilize the checkbox options to exclude weekends and consider working hours only.
    • Adjust buffer time percentage based on the nature of the task or project.

Why ETA Calculator?

The Calculator proves to be invaluable in various practical scenarios, including:

  • Quick Project Planning: Efficiently plan project timelines by accurately estimating completion times.
  • Scheduling Tasks: Organize and schedule tasks with the insight of estimated finish times.
  • Resource Management: Better manage resources by aligning them with the projected project timelines.

Additional Resources

For further information on project management and time estimation, refer to the following resources:


  1. Is this calculator customizable based on different work schedules?

    Yes, the ETA Calculator allows users to tailor the calculations based on specific work schedules, including the option to exclude weekends.

  2. How secure is the data entered into the ETA Calculator?

    The Calculator does not store any input data, ensuring the security and privacy of user information.

  3. Can the buffer time percentage be adjusted as per individual project requirements?

    Yes, users can customize the buffer time percentage based on the nature and scope of the project to accommodate potential delays effectively.

  4. What technology is used to power the ETA Calculator tool?

    The Calculator utilizes advanced algorithms and time calculation techniques to deliver accurate estimations and projections.

    Start utilizing the ETA Calculator today to streamline your project planning and task scheduling with accurate estimations of finish times and total durations.