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Click on any cell to copy the cell value to clipboard & add corresponding emoji to your Message with Emojis above.

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About Emoji Picker

Emoji Picker is a convenient web tool of our utilities family that enables users to select emojis to include in their messages, documents, or any other digital content. This tool provides a seamless experience for searching, filtering, and selecting emojis to enhance communication and visual representation in text.


  • Fuzzy Search: Utilizes fuzzy search functionality for efficient and flexible emoji discovery.
  • Filtering: Allows users to filter emojis by category and version.

How to Use Emoji Picker

  1. Search and Filter: Enter desired keywords in the “Search Emoji” field and specify the category and version filters to narrow down the options.
  2. Select Emojis: Click on the emojis in the matrix to copy them to the clipboard and add them to the “Message with Emojis” field above.

Example Usage

  • When sending a birthday message, use the Emoji Picker to search for “cake” and select a celebratory emoji to add to the message.
  • In a social media post, enhance the text with expressive emojis by using the Emoji Picker to search for emotions, objects, or activities.


  1. How can I filter emojis in the Emoji Picker?

    You can filter emojis by specifying the category and version. This allows you to narrow down the search results based on your specific needs.

  2. What libraries are used in the Emoji Picker?

    The Emoji Picker utilizes npm libraries such as unicode-emoji-json and emojilib for emoji data and information. It also employs the fuse.js for fuzzy search functionality.

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