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About Image to Text Converter

The Image to Text Converter is a web tool in our converters family that allows users to convert an image containing text into editable text, also known as Optical Character Recognition, OCR. It makes use of Tesseract.js to recognize the text within the image and provide the extracted text as output. This tool is particularly useful for extracting text from images, such as scanned documents, handwritten notes, or photographs of printed text.


  1. File Upload: Users can upload a single or multiple image files containing text.
  2. Confidence Percentage: The tool provides a confidence percentage indicating the accuracy of the text recognition.
  3. Text Result: The recognized text is displayed in a textarea, allowing users to copy the text or download it as a text file.
  4. Powered by Tesseract.js: The tool is powered by Tesseract.js for accurate and reliable text recognition.

How to Use Image to Text Converter

  1. File Upload: Click on the file uploader element and select the image file from your device.
  2. Convert: After uploading the image, click on the “Convert” button to initiate the text recognition process.
  3. View Text Result: Once the process is completed, the recognized text along with the confidence percentage will be displayed in the textarea section.
  4. Copy or Download Text: Use the buttons provided to copy the recognized text or download it as a text file for further use.

Example Usage

An individual can use the Image to Text Converter tool to extract text from a scanned document in order to edit and modify the content in a word processor.


  1. Can this tool recognize handwritten text in images?

    Yes, the tool can recognize handwritten text in images, although the accuracy may vary depending on the clarity and legibility of the handwriting.

  2. What image file formats are supported for text recognition?

    The tool supports commonly used image formats such as JPEG, PNG, and GIF for text recognition.

  3. Is there a limit on the file size of the image that can be uploaded?

    The tool may have a file size limit for image uploads, which can vary based on the server configuration. It is advisable to use images of reasonable size for optimal processing.

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