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The JSON Formatter is the number one online web tool for free formatting, validation, and beautification of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data. JSON is a popular data format used for storing and exchanging data between a server and a web application. This powerful tool simplifies the process of organizing and enhancing the readability of JSON data, making it visually appealing and easier to read.


  1. JSON Formatting: The JSON Formatter allows you to easily format unstructured or poorly formatted JSON data. It automatically applies indentation, line breaks, and spacing to make the JSON structure more visually appealing and easier to read.

  2. Syntax Highlighting: The tool highlights different components of the JSON data using different colors, providing visual cues that make it easier to identify keys, values, arrays, and objects.

  3. Error Detection: The JSON Formatter detects and highlights syntax errors in the JSON data, making it easier to identify and correct any mistakes. It provides error messages and highlights the specific location of the error within the JSON structure.

  4. Validation: The tool includes a JSON validator that checks the data for adherence to the JSON standard. It verifies the syntax, structure, and integrity of the JSON data, ensuring it conforms to the expected format.

  5. Compact Mode: In addition to formatting, the JSON Formatter offers a compact mode that removes unnecessary whitespace and condenses the JSON data into a more concise representation, saving space and improving performance.

  6. URL Support: The tool supports loading JSON data directly from a URL. By providing the URL of a JSON file, the tool retrieves the data and applies formatting and validation.

  7. Copy to Clipboard: The JSON Formatter provides a convenient option to copy the formatted JSON data to the clipboard. This allows you to easily paste the formatted JSON into your code editor or other applications.

For more information about JSON, you can visit Wikipedia.

How to Use

  1. Input: Paste your JSON data directly into the input textarea. The tool will automatically detect the input format and validate the JSON data. If any syntax errors are found, an alert will be displayed to notify you.

  2. Formatting: Click the “Format” button to format the JSON data. The formatted JSON will be displayed in the output textarea.

  3. Switch between Text and Tree View: Use the navigation tools to switch between text and tree view. The text view presents the JSON data in its original text format, while the tree view provides a structured representation for easier visualization.

  4. Expand and Collapse Trees: In the tree view, you can expand and collapse tree nodes to navigate through the JSON structure. This allows you to focus on specific sections of the data.

  5. Copy Tree Nodes: Copy specific tree nodes by selecting the desired section and clicking the “Copy” button. This allows you to extract and use specific portions of the JSON data.

Please note that the JSON Formatter will alert you if the input JSON is invalid, ensuring that you are aware of any syntax errors. The output textarea provides flexibility in viewing the formatted JSON in both text and tree formats, with additional tools to expand, collapse, and copy specific sections for your convenience.

Get Started with JSON Formatting

The JSON Formatter is a powerful online tool that simplifies the process of formatting and validating JSON data. With its user-friendly interface and helpful features, you can easily organize and enhance the readability of your JSON data. Whether you’re a developer, data analyst, or working with JSON in any capacity, this tool can save you time and effort.

Start using the JSON Formatter now and experience the benefits of properly formatted JSON. Effortlessly validate your data, switch between text and tree view, expand and collapse trees, and copy specific nodes to meet your needs. The JSON Formatter is here to streamline your JSON handling process.

Begin formatting your JSON data today and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of well-organized JSON structures.

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