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Provide the list and randomize it instantly with the List Randomizer tool. Remove duplicated items, set custom output separators, and more.





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About List Randomizer

List Randomizer is an efficient online tool from our generators collection designed to randomize lists of items instantly. Whether it’s for selecting winners in a contest, generating random teams, or randomizing a to-do list, this tool serves a wide range of purposes. By removing duplicated items and providing the count of items, the randomizer offers users a convenient way to manage and shuffle their lists with ease.

Features of the Tool

The Randomizer offers a range of features to cater to diverse list randomization needs. Some of its key features include:

  • List Items: Users can input or upload the list items they want to randomize.
  • Remove Duplicated Items: With the option to remove duplicated items, the tool ensures a fully randomized list.
  • Custom Output Item Separator: Users can choose a custom separator to be displayed between each randomized item.
  • Randomized List: The tool provides a freshly randomized list based on the input.
  • Number of Items: Users can see the count of items in the randomized list.

How to Use List Randomizer

Using the Randomizer is straightforward and user-friendly. Follow these simple steps to utilize the tool effectively:

  1. Input List Items: Enter or upload the list items that you want to randomize into the designated field.
  2. Remove Duplicated Items (Optional): Check the box if you wish to remove duplicated items from the list.
  3. Custom Output Item Separator (Optional): If you prefer a custom separator between each item in the randomized list, specify it in the provided field.
  4. Generate Randomized List: Click on the “Generate” button to obtain your randomized list along with the count of items.

Why List Randomizer?

The Randomizer finds practical applications in various scenarios, catering to different user needs. Here are a few examples of how it can be utilized:

  • Selecting Contest Winners: When selecting winners for a contest, using a randomized list ensures fairness and impartiality.
  • Group Formation: Generate random teams or groups for activities without any bias.
  • Shuffling To-Do Lists: Randomize your to-do list to bring a sense of spontaneity to your tasks.

Additional Resources

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  1. What is List Randomizer?

    List Randomizer is an online tool used to generate randomized lists instantly based on provided list.

  2. Can I remove duplicated items from the list?

    Yes, List Randomizer provides an option to remove duplicated items from the list.

  3. How can I separate the items in the randomized list?

    You can specify a custom output item separator of your choice in the input field provided.

  4. Is there a limit to the number of items that can be randomized?

    List Randomizer can handle a large number of items in the list, making it suitable for various use cases.

  5. Is there a way to save or download the randomized list?

    Of course, List Randomizer does have download feature. However, users can also easily copy the randomized list for their use.