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Effortlessly calculate percentages, percentage change, and more with the Percentage Calculator. Convert any value to its percentage equivalent instantly.


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About Percentage Calculator

The Calculator is a versatile tool in our calculators family designed to simplify percentage calculations for users. Whether it’s finding the percentage of a total, converting a percentage to a fraction, or determining the percentage change, this tool provides instant and accurate results. Its user-friendly interface makes it convenient for anyone in need of quick percentage conversions.

Features of the Calculator

The Percentage Calculator offers a range of key features and unique functionalities, including:

  • Calculation of percentage of a total
  • Determination of percentage of a number
  • Instant calculation of percentage change and difference
  • Conversion of percentage to decimal and vice versa
  • Transformation of percentage to fraction and fraction to percentage
  • Provision of the result along with the formula used for calculation

How to Use the Calculator

Using the Calculator is straightforward:

  1. Choose the type of percentage calculation you need (e.g., Percentage of Total, Percentage of a Number, Percentage Change, etc.).
  2. Enter the required values into the designated fields.
  3. The tool will instantly generate the result along with the formula used for the calculation.

Why Percentage Calculator?

The Calculator is valuable in various practical scenarios, such as:

  • Students needing to calculate grades as percentages
  • Business professionals determining percentage change in financial data
  • Individuals converting percentages to fractions for mathematical calculations

Additional Resources

For further information on percentage calculations, refer to:

  1. Wikipedia – Percentage, for an in-depth understanding of percentages: Percentage – Wikipedia
  2. Math Is Fun – Percentage, for additional explanations and examples related to percentages: Math Is Fun – Percentage


  1. What is a Percentage Calculator?

    The Percentage Calculator is a tool used to calculate percentages and perform various percentage conversions. For more information, refer to Wikipedia – Percentage.

  2. How can I calculate the percentage change using the Percentage Calculator?

    To calculate the percentage change, simply input the old and new values into the tool, and it will provide the percentage change along with the formula used for the calculation.

  3. Can the Percentage Calculator convert percentages to decimals and fractions?

    Yes, the tool can effortlessly convert percentages to decimals and fractions, as well as perform reverse conversions from decimals and fractions to percentages.

  4. Does the Percentage Calculator provide the formula used for the percentage calculation?

    Yes, the tool not only provides the result but also displays the formula used for the calculation, ensuring transparency and understanding of the process.

  5. Can you give me some examples of how percentage is calculated?

    Calculating percentages can be straightforward with the right formulas. Here are answers to some common examples:
    – What is 20 percent of 40? To find 20 percent of 40, multiply 40 by 0.20 (or 20/100)
    – What is 40 percent of 20? To determine 40 percent of 20, multiply 20 by 0.40 (or 40/100)
    – What is 15 out of 20 as a percentage? To convert 15 out of 20 to a percentage, divide 15 by 20 and then multiply by 100