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Easily convert YAML to JSON with our YAML to JSON Converter. Upload your YAML file or input the YAML source to get the corresponding JSON output.


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About YAML to JSON Converter

The YAML to JSON Converter (aka YML to JSON Converter) is a web tool in our converters family, designed to simplify the process of converting YAML format to JSON. Its purpose is to provide a user-friendly interface for seamlessly transforming YAML data into JSON, offering convenience and efficiency to users who need to work with JSON data.


  • Simple Conversion: Convert YAML data into JSON with just a few clicks.
  • File Upload: Upload YAML files directly for quick conversion.
  • YAML Source Input: Input YAML data directly into the tool for conversion.
  • Output JSON: Obtain the JSON output instantly once the conversion is complete.

How to Use YAML to JSON Converter

  1. Input Method: Choose between uploading a YAML file or directly inputting the YAML source into the designated fields.
  2. Obtain JSON: Once the conversion is complete, the output JSON will be displayed, ready for use.

Example Usage

  • File Upload: A user might use the tool to convert a YAML configuration file into JSON for easier manipulation and processing.
  • API Integration: Developers could utilize the tool to convert YAML data obtained from an API response into a JSON format compatible with their applications.


  1. How do I convert YAML to JSON using the tool?

    Simply upload your YAML file or input the YAML source, then click on “Convert”. The resulting JSON output will be displayed.

  2. Are there any size limitations for the YAML file that can be uploaded?

    The tool has limitation of 10MB on the file size that can be uploaded.

  3. What technology is used for the conversion?

    The tool uses the yaml library, available at npmjs, to perform the YAML to JSON conversion.

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