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About Text to Handwriting Converter

The Text to Handwriting Converter is a versatile tool in converters family that transforms your typed text into beautifully styled handwritten text. This converter is perfect for creating personalized notes, letters, invitations, and more. With a range of handwriting fonts and ink colors, you can customize your text to match any style or occasion.


  • Multiple Handwriting Fonts: Choose from a variety of handwriting fonts to give your text a unique personal touch.
  • Ink Color Options: Customize the ink color to suit your preference or match your theme.
  • Text Input Options: Either upload a text file or enter your text directly into the tool.
  • Reset and Download: Easily reset the inputs and options, and download the generated handwriting as an image.

How to Use the Text to Handwriting Converter

Follow these simple steps to convert your text to handwriting:

Step 1: Input Your Text

  1. Upload a Text File:
    • Click on the “Upload” button to select and upload a text file from your device.
  2. Or Enter Text Manually:
    • Locate the “Input Text” textarea.
    • Enter your text into the textarea provided. You can type directly or paste text from another source.

Step 2: Choose Handwriting Font

  1. Find the “Handwriting Font” dropdown menu.
  2. Select your desired font from the list. Available fonts include:
    • Kalam (default selection)
    • Indie Flower
    • Cedarville Cursive
    • Homemade Apple
    • Satisfy
    • Dancing Script
    • Pacifico
    • Meddon
    • Liu Jian Mao Cao
    • Pinyon Script

Step 3: Select Ink Color

  1. Find the “Ink Color” dropdown menu.
  2. Choose your preferred ink color from the options. Available colors include:
    • Black (default selection)
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Orange
    • Brown
    • Pink

Step 4: Generate Handwriting

  • Once you have entered your text, chosen a handwriting font, and selected an ink color, the tool will automatically generate the handwritten version of your text.

Step 5: Download Handwriting Image

  • After generating the handwriting, click the “Download Image” button to save the handwritten text as an image file to your device.

Example Use Cases

  • Personalized Letters: Create beautifully handwritten letters for a personal touch.
  • Invitations: Design unique and stylish invitations for events.
  • Notes and Messages: Send personalized notes and messages that look handwritten.
  • Study Materials: Convert text notes to a handwritten style to enhance study materials.
  • Craft Projects: Use the handwritten text in various craft projects for a unique look.

Tips for Best Results

  • Ensure the text input is clear and free of typos to achieve the best visual output.
  • Experiment with different fonts and ink colors to find the perfect combination for your project.
  • Use the “Reset” button to start fresh if you want to try different styles or input new text.


  1. What is a Text to Handwriting Converter?

    A Text to Handwriting Converter is a tool that converts typed or digital text into a handwritten style, mimicking the look of real handwriting.

  2. How does the Text to Handwriting Converter work?

    The Text to Handwriting Converter uses algorithms and fonts designed to replicate handwriting styles. It takes the input text and converts it into an image or document that resembles handwritten text.

  3. What are the uses of a Text to Handwriting Converter?

    A Text to Handwriting Converter can be used to create personalized notes, letters, or messages that look handwritten. It can also be used in design projects to add a handwritten touch to digital content.

  4. Can I customize the handwriting style in the Text to Handwriting Converter?

    Yes, our converter allows you to choose from different handwriting styles or fonts to customize the output to suit your preferences.

  5. Is the output of the Text to Handwriting Converter editable?

    The output of the Text to Handwriting Converter is an image, which may not be editable. We’re adding PDF export soon, which does support editable.

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