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Generate creepy text online with our Zalgo Text Generator. Perfect for creating glitchy, distorted text effects for social posts, horror stories, and more.


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About Zalgo Text Generator

The Zalgo Text Generator is a tool that automatically converts regular text into Zalgo text as you type or paste it into the input field. Zalgo text is characterized by its creepy and glitchy appearance, achieved by adding combining diacritical marks to the text. This tool is perfect for creating spooky or distorted text effects for various purposes, such as social media posts, horror stories, or artistic expressions.

How Zalgo Text is Generated

Zalgo text is generated by dynamically adding combining diacritical marks to the characters of the input text. The Zalgo Text Generator uses a set of predefined diacritical marks, including marks for the top, middle, and bottom parts of characters. The generator randomly selects a number of diacritical marks for each character, based on the chosen chaos level, to create the distorted appearance typical of Zalgo text.

How to Use the Zalgo Text Generator

  1. Input Text: Enter the text you want to convert into Zalgo text in the provided text area. The Zalgo text will be generated automatically as you type or paste your text.
  2. Chaos Level: Adjust the chaos level slider to determine the intensity of the Zalgo effect. A higher chaos level will result in more diacritical marks being added to the text, making it appear more distorted.
  3. Damage Text: Choose whether to damage the top, middle, and bottom parts of the text. Enabling this option will add diacritical marks to the corresponding parts of the text, enhancing the Zalgo effect.
  4. Skip Spaces: Enable this option if you want to skip adding diacritical marks to spaces in the text. This can help maintain readability, especially for longer texts.
  5. Copy Zalgo Text: Click the “Copy” button to copy the generated Zalgo text to your clipboard for easy sharing or use.

Technical Explanation

Zalgo text is generated by selecting a random number of combining diacritical marks from predefined sets for each character in the input text. These diacritical marks are Unicode characters that modify the appearance of the base character. The Zalgo Text Generator uses different sets of diacritical marks for the top, middle, and bottom parts of characters, and combines them to create the distorted and chaotic appearance of Zalgo text. Example:

A + ͛ = A͛
A + ͛ + ̂ = A͛̑
A + ͛ + ̂ + ̥ = Ḁ͛̑
A + ͛ + ̂ + ̥ + ̰ = Ḁ̰͛̑


  1. What is Zalgo Text?

    Zalgo, also known as “creepy text” or “glitch text,” is a style of text that appears distorted and chaotic. It originated from an internet meme and is often associated with horror and surrealism. Zalgo text is created by adding various diacritical marks, such as combining accents and symbols, to the characters of a text, resulting in a visually unsettling effect.

  2. How does the Zalgo Text Generator work?

    The Zalgo Text Generator takes input text and applies various diacritic marks and combining characters to modify the appearance of the text, creating the Zalgo effect.

  3. What are the uses of Zalgo Text?

    Zalgo Text is primarily used for aesthetic purposes, such as in memes, artwork, and online personas, to create a unique and attention-grabbing appearance.

  4. Can I customize the level of Zalgo in the generated text?

    Our tool allows you to customize the intensity of the Zalgo effect, choosing how many diacritic marks and combining characters to apply to the text.

  5. Is Zalgo Text readable?

    Zalgo Text can be difficult to read, especially for long passages, due to the distortion caused by the diacritic marks and combining characters. It is often used for short, decorative text rather than for conveying information.

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